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Codex Dan
This channel is me continuing to have fun after my employment with Miniwargaming. I love making videos and connecting with the community. You can expect to see vlogs, live shows, battle reports from varied game systems (Warhammer, 40k, Warmahordes, and others).
Wargamers Hangout Ep 6: Preparing tournament lists
Dan and Miranda talk and laugh and jibberjabber about their sweet, sweet hobby.


Miranda's Battle Report: http://youtu.be/IlIu5UX4fyw?list=UUVSqFZiGn4cHzSk1Y_CeBMw
Wargamers Hangout 10: Role playing games anyone?
Thursday, 10/02/14 - We have Mario from Voices of Mars join us and talk some Malifaux and Into the Breach. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 9: Chilling with Menoth John
Thursday, 09/18/14 - Let's get back to warmachine! Dan recently performed well in a tournament, Miranda I'm sure does things and Menoth John is all kinds of interesting. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout Ep 8: Malifaux!
Thursday, 09/04/14 - Lets talk some Malifaux! Miranda and Dan are taking part in an online Vassal Malifaux league. Let's talk about that. Read More...
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CodexDan ALS Bucket challenge
Thursday, 08/28/14 - Dan accepts the call to Donate to those in need and gets ice cold water poured all over him in the process. Blame BlueTablePainting, WargamerGirl and the FLGS for this one.... Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout Ep 7: Staying true to your hobby self
Thursday, 08/14/14 - Wargamers Hangout Ep 7: Staying true to your hobby self Read More...
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Waaagh! Ghazghkull - A Codex: Orks Supplement Review
Thursday, 07/10/14 - Dan goes over the new formations, detachment and fun gubbinz you get to bring to enhance the Ork Horde! Read More...
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