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Alternative World for a Obliterators - Hitech Miniatures Terrorizers
August 8, 2014 by DreamKnight
In this Episode of Alternative World, we look at Hitech Miniatures Terrorizors great for alternative models for your chaos obliterators!

For more information about the miniatures, check out Hitech Miniatures Website:
Box Set Nr1: http://hitechminiatures.com/2_6/product/info/75
Box Set Nr3: http://hitechminiatures.com/2_6/product/info/126

I bought them from http://www.frpgames.com/ for $62 to $64.
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Chung runs the Wargamers Consortium and has been painting and playing wargames for more of his life. He loves to get into different types of wargames and spends most of his time making videos for others to learn and enjoy.
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BertoX said:
Posted: Oct 12, 2014
My CSM army needs these guys. Their website also has some Melee versions that may make good mutilators as well.
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