Painting with Jay: Ep 98 - What 2017 Meant for Me

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RPG: The Mage Stone - Act 2 - Pathfinder & Dungeons and Dragons Game
After getting arrested, the party is caged up on their way back to Landathor to stand trail. When the caravan gets attacked they find themselves struggling out of their bonds. Huge battle, fire enraged wagon shoots toward the fight, high mages gets knocked back, Mage Stone flies from his hold. Khalia grabs for it. There's a flash of bright light... then nothing...

Act 2 of the first adventure that turned into the latest Campaign for the WGC West crew streamed after our live shows on Wednesdays! This is a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 game which we 3 sessions down switched to Pathfinder.

The Badger Sotar vs Krome | Which Fits You? | Buying Guide
Monday, 01/08/18 - My experience of the differences. When choosing between the Badger Sotar 20/20 or Krome, Which fits you? Read More...
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Happy New Year!
Monday, 01/01/18 - Happy New Year! Paint plenty and game your heart out! Life is too short otherwise! Read More...
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Your Scale for Model Quality | Hobby Talk #4
Wednesday, 12/20/17 - What scale do you use to judge the quality of models? Let us know! Read More...
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Wall Vine Foliage for Terrain | Silflor Mininatur | Product Review
Monday, 12/11/17 - Wonder how I do those cool wall vine foliage on some of my terrain? Here's my ancient Chinese secret. I cheat! Read More...
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What is Miniature Wargaming?
Monday, 12/04/17 - What is Miniature Wargaming? Here's a video explaining this addictive hobby of ours. Share it if someone need it to be explained. Sharing is caring! Read More...
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A Messy Desk Update - vLog Babble
Saturday, 11/25/17 - Just an update from a messy desk. It's really messy. Seriously. If you're a neat freak, this video will kill you. Read More...
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Unappealing Bases on Terrain - Hobby Talk #3
Sunday, 10/29/17 - Does the bases on terrain not irk you like it does me? If it does you, how do you fix that? Let us know! Read More...
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Aristeia! Unboxed
Tuesday, 10/24/17 - We're doing an unboxing of Corvus Belli's new board game, Aristeia! Check it out! Read More...
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Hobbyist, Player or Combo - Paint and Talk #2
Monday, 10/23/17 - Are you a hobbyist, Painter or the Combo? Let us know! Read More...
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Painting Live
Sunday, 10/22/17 - Let's do some painting tonight! Just an impromptu live painting sessions with Malifaux Death Marshalls. Read More...
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