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February Paint Threat Highlights ft. Austin from Brush4Hire
Monday, 03/10/14 - And here come the thunder for those that completed their February threats! Great month and great job for everyone who participated! Rock on! Read More...
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Legion of the Damned Codex (Supplement) Review
Thursday, 03/06/14 - A review of the Legion of the Damned Codex (Supplement) review. It's a bit lacking as a codex so we're calling it a supplement. Why? Well, check out the video and find out why! Read More...
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Welcome the the WGC Paint Threats
Friday, 02/28/14 - This is the WGC Paint Threat Intro to use for the paint threats we have every month. For more info check out http://www.wgconsortium.com and go to the discussion forums in "Paint the Modeling" into the "Work in Progress" forum. Read More...
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Adoba Diorama Book Reviews ft. Spud Tate!
Wednesday, 02/26/14 - Spud Tate reviews some great Diorama books for us by Adoba. If you need to learn or brush up on some techiques and know how's about building terrain or diorama, check this video out. It might help! Read More...
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January Paint Threat Highlights ft. VoiceOfMars
Saturday, 02/08/14 - Rockem' Sockem' Threats are invading the WGC! Well, it's nothing really new but here's the highlight reel for the January Threats ft. VoiceOfMars on some of his favs! Read More...
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December Paint Threat Highlights ft. AwesomePaintJob
Wednesday, 02/05/14 - And it's finally here! The highlight for the December Paint Threat along with some 12 random draw fun! Sorry about the lateness as I was stuck in snow storm hell this past month! Read More...
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vLog Babble in the Morning
Friday, 01/31/14 - No sleep is coming so I'm just going to babble and see if I can Q&A through this crappy system. Read More...
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On the New Tyranid Codex
Wednesday, 01/15/14 - So the bugs are here and there's lots of buzz, bad and good. What do we think? Check out this sit down talk with the WGC East crew about the new codex! Read More...
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Tau/Wolves vs Blood Angels (2000pts) Summary Battle report
Wednesday, 01/01/14 - Over at Valhalla last October Chung had the pleasure of playing John in a Tau-Wolves vs Blood Angels. Watch how it all went down! Read More...
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Wargamers Insider with Dave from Miniwargaming
Thursday, 12/26/13 - We sit down with Dave from Miniwargaming for an interview and nothing but a flurry of randomness spews forth. Why? Because that's just how we roll! Check it out! Read More...
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