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Feast of Blades: Pre-Con Tour!
Our associate producers, the Weekend Warriors from Kreator Hobbies covered the Feast of Blades event this past weekend! Check out the quick pre-con tour. More to come... when they decide to get off their arses and send in more footage! ha!

Feast of Blades:

Kreator Hobbies:
Realistic Rust with Metal Effects
Monday, 12/23/13 - So let's do some realistic rust effects using Modern Masters Metal Effects. What better way to simulate rust than actually CREATING rust? Ha! Check it out! Read More...
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November Paint Threat and 12 Days of Holiday Presents Drawing ft. TheJoeyBerry
Saturday, 12/07/13 - The Happy Holiday Paint Threat going on now! 12 random completed threat winners for 12 random prizes! This is a special one so let's have some fun! But before we do that, there's take a look at the completed threats for November 2013! Read More...
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October Paint Threat Highlights ft. Minigirl!
Thursday, 11/14/13 - November Paint Threat is on now but rewind and let's go back and take a look at last months threats and winner. BTW, Games and Gears is sponsoring the Month of November! Check it out! Read More...
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It's All About the 'stache! Austin from Brush 4 Hire
Monday, 10/28/13 - What makes this man sparkle? What keeps him going day to day? Many say it's all the hard work, some say the sacrifice... it's really as simple as the 'stache. Nuff said! Read More...
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Building a Ruined City Modular Table - Part 1
Sunday, 10/13/13 - Part 1 to a series of videos where we build a Ruined City Modular Table. In this video we'll go over some plans about making the table as well as the pieces we'll use to make the terrain. We'll also look at how we made the tiles as well. Read More...
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September Paint Threat Highlights ft. OasisRising
Friday, 10/11/13 - What an awesome month for threats in September and now the October one is on it's way. Sponsored by The Iron Bow for some good stuff! So get to it guys! Read More...
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August Paint Threat Highlight Reel
Sunday, 09/22/13 - Here is the highlight reel for the August Paint Threat! Great work in getting some stuff done guys! Read More...
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X-Wing Novice Tutorial BatRep: Part 1 - The Set Up
Sunday, 09/08/13 - Part 1 of our X-Wing Novice Tutorial. This is the set up for a game and Dallas walks through some strats before the game starts. Read More...
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Initial Thoughts on the New Space Marine Codex
Saturday, 09/07/13 - So here's my quick initial thoughts on the new Space Marines Codex! Pretty cool stuff! Read More...
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Wyrd - Malifaux 2e (Gencon 2013 Coverage)
Sunday, 09/01/13 - We dropped by the Wyrd booth and caught up with our very own WGC member Tim as well as a Malifaux Henchmen to talk about the new 2e! Check it out! Read More...
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