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Stripping Paint? Sandblast it!
Tuesday, 08/20/13 - A common way to strip paint is to soak the model in Simple Green or some other similar product. It can be a wait and a pain but how about just sandblasting the paint off instead? Check it out! Read More...
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July Paint Threat Challenge Highlights!
Friday, 08/02/13 - With July's Paint Threat over, it's time for the highlight reel of those hardy members that completed their challenge! AND congrats to the random drawing winner! Read More...
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Baconhammer is HERE!
Monday, 07/15/13 - What goes on in the minds of the WGC Producers when they get bored? BACON! And what else better to eat bacon? PLAY WITH IT! Read More...
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WGC Community Live Show - Episode 4
Sunday, 07/14/13 - How do we get more women into the gaming part of our hobby? Need great tips in project managing? And what do you want to see in 3rd party miniatures and accessory companies? Oh, and the Mars vs Venus Q&A challenge! Read More...
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WGC Community Live Show - Episode 3
Sunday, 06/30/13 - The two school of thoughts between: 40k and Fantasy, a look into the previous editions of 40k, an in-dept discussion about Kickstarters. All in this episode of the WGC Community Live Show. Read More...
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WGC Community Live Show - Episode 2
Sunday, 06/23/13 - In this episode, we talk a little about the road to becoming a better painter, talk about balancing the hobby and family life and as well as what to do when there's a million ideas in your head and how to organize and make them happen! Read More...
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WGC Community Live Show - Episode 1
Sunday, 06/16/13 - In our first episode we have Voice of Mars and Engineer Jeff as guests! We cover some fun stuff including the GW vs CH verdict. Read More...
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Painting a Tau XV-8 Crisis Suit Using Pattern Tinting
Tuesday, 06/04/13 - In this video Chung shows you how to paint a Tau XV-8 using the pattern tinting technique. It's a cool quick trick to making funky looking models using Minitaire Tinnts. Read More...
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Battle Report (Summary) - High Elves vs Orc and Goblins (2500pts) - Warhammer Fantasy
Monday, 05/13/13 - Was able to jump in for a Warhammer Fantasy Battle this Saturday when I was hanging out for JJ's 6 Month but really 5 month anniversary because Bob can't count BBQ. I had to borrow my friends High Elves which was fine because he had those Gerd Derm Chillin' Berds! Read More...
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Welcome to the WGC Alpha 1.0 Launch
Monday, 05/06/13 - To better organize conversations and sharing from the Facebook group, we launched the forums going into Alpha 1.0. Read More...
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