Deadzone Battle Report - Enforcers vs Forge Fathers (200 pts)

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Painting with the WCU Mentors #2
Tuesday, 08/25/15 - We're doing another hang out with the WCU Mentors again! Come and paint with us! Read More...
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Painting with the WCU Mentors #1
Tuesday, 08/18/15 - We're kicking it with the WCU Mentors and will also answer questions and stuff. Read More...
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YOU BE THE JUDGE! Draconic Awards People's Choice Award
Saturday, 07/11/15 - Cast your vote in tonight!Sign Up/Log In over at http://DraconicAwards.com. Voting starts at 7pm Pacfic Time and Ends at 9am Sunday! Read More...
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Space Marines, Dark Angels and Age of Sigmar
Sunday, 07/05/15 - In this vLog babble, we talk about the new Space Marines Codex, Dark Angels Codex and Age of Sigmar. Read More...
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Cheap Spray Booth Part II
Wednesday, 05/20/15 - In this video we take a look at the second cheap spray booth (yeh I know, it's been a while since the first one). This one costs between $70 to $100 and is worth every penny. Read More...
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Hate on Patreon and Forge World Airbrushing Paints
Monday, 05/18/15 - Another Vlog Babble coming at you on FW paints and your thoughts on Patreon and the hate there of. Also of course, Q&A! Read More...
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Building a Desert Terrain Table for Malifaux: Part 5 - Cactus and Shrubs
Saturday, 05/16/15 - Finally got part 5 done! Sorry for the delay but been really busy. In this part, we put in some desert foliage and dry brush the riverbed. Read More...
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Three 40k Podcasts, One Event
Wednesday, 05/13/15 - At LVO we had a live Podcast recording between three awesome 40k podcasts. In using our hobby room to do it, I conned them into video recording it live. So I present to you a live studio audience recording with the Independent Characters, Life After the Cover Save and Imperial Vox Cast. Links to their podcast below! Enjoy! Read More...
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vLog Babble: Warhammer Fantasy Rumors? Some WGC Updates and Q&A
Monday, 05/11/15 - Long time no babble. In this one, we talk a little about rumors on the new Warhammer Fantasy edition. We got some WGC updates and Q&A as well. Read More...
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Selecting a Badger Airbrush and sneak peak at the WGC X-fire
Saturday, 05/09/15 - We go over the main three airbrushes that is popular in the WGC community and as well as some other airbrushes from badger that I use for specific jobs. We also have a sneak peak at the WGC X-fire Pistol Grip Airbrush. Read More...
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