Metalhead Minis Tutorial: Watercolor Look Bases Using inks!

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Building a Desert Malifaux Table: Part 2 - The Rocky Faces
In part 2 of Building a Desert Malifaux Table, we'll start building up the rocky faces of our rocky hill.

View the whole series here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCBpnrOqQtw2rab9ziiVRAtlyybEQhYTX

Proxxon Thermocut Hot Wire Cutter: http://amzn.to/1vZcWED

Into Malfiaux? Check out the WGC Malifaux group A Wyrd Place: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AWYRDPLACE/

Discuss and learn terrain building at the WGC Terrain Builder's Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wgcterrainbuilders/
Califaux Trailer #2: Bored so we made this - Come Play with Us Anyways
Saturday, 05/02/15 - Just a fun thing we did for our upcoming Califaux Event. Read More...
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A Wyrd Place Rocking Malifaux at LVO
Tuesday, 03/31/15 - A quick look at the Malfiaux Event ran over at LVO 2015! Join us next year for more Malifaux fun! Check out Frontline Gaming for more info and don't forget about our Calfiaux event happening on June 5th-7th. Read More...
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Ride Along with us at LVO 2015
Saturday, 03/28/15 - Ride along with us and check out LVO this year! Check out what we were doing behind the scenes at Las Vegas Open and what was going on over at the event this year! Read More...
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Conquer the Dragon! Draconic Awards Western Regional at LVO
Thursday, 02/05/15 - Come join us at Las Vegas Open and enter the Draconic Awards! Fun times to be had! Hope to see you there! Read More...
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Alternative World: Raging Heroes Cyberwolves
Friday, 11/14/14 - In this alternative world, we're looking at the Raging Heroes Cyberwolves perfect as alternative models for Thunderwolf Calvary! I love these models! Read More...
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How to Make Bamboo and Bamboo Forest Bases
Wednesday, 11/12/14 - Chung shows you how he did his Bamboo for terrain and bases. Check it out and hope it helps! Read More...
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WGC Updates - Nov 2014 Week 2
Tuesday, 11/11/14 - Just some WGC Updates!
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Building a Desert Terrain Table for Malifaux: Part 4 - Sand, Seal, Prime and Color the Faces!
Monday, 10/20/14 - Sand, seal and prime and then comes the fun stuff! Making the hill side look like a hillside! Check it out! Read More...
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Building a Desert Terrain Table for Malifaux: Part 3 - Dry River and Spackle!
Friday, 10/17/14 - In part 3 of Building a Desert Malifaux Table, create the dry river bed and spackle the board. Read More...
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Building a Ruined City Modular Table: Part 2 - Changes Abound
Tuesday, 10/14/14 - Part 2 to a series of videos where we build a Ruined City Modular Table. In this video we've change of the plans to use pre-made module tiles as well as the concept. Just a little! Read More...
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