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Building a Desert Malifaux Table: Part 2 - The Rocky Faces
Sunday, 10/12/14 - In part 2 of Building a Desert Malifaux Table, we'll start building up the rocky faces of our rocky hill. Read More...
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Building a Desert Terrain Table for Malifaux: Part 1 - The Pink Foundation
Friday, 10/10/14 - In this series of videos, we're going to build a desert terrain table for Malifaux! In part 1, We build up the foundation of the table with pink foam. Read More...
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Ingenium Mortis: The Engine of Death
Monday, 09/22/14 - The first new WGC G&G Terrain piece is out for our terrain line. Ingenium Mortis: The Engine of Death! Check it out and hopes you likes. Read More...
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Battle Report (Extended) - Warhammer 40k (6th): Dark Angels vs Black Templars
Wednesday, 09/10/14 - A battle report in the extended format for 2000pts, Dark Angels Verse Black Templars. This was filmed during 6th edition rules. Read More...
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Demigods Rising Kickstarter! Final Hours! Get in now!
Thursday, 08/28/14 - A quick look at Demigods Rising at their final hours for their kickstarter! Better get in on it now! Read More...
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GenCon, Adventure's Tavern and Dark Malice. B4H Stencils, Badger, Demigods Rising
Thursday, 08/14/14 - Some quick pre-genny updates and some stuff to remember to look out for at GenCon. Read More...
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March Paint Threat Highlights
Saturday, 08/09/14 - Late... very late but much better than never! Here's March's Paint Threat Highlights. Sorry so late but everything has been so damn busy! Read More...
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Alternative World for a Obliterators - Hitech Miniatures Terrorizers
Friday, 08/08/14 - In this Episode of Alternative World, we look at Hitech Miniatures Terrorizors great for alternative models for your chaos obliterators! Read More...
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Some behind the scenes with Draconic Awards & award ceremony at the BAO
Sunday, 08/03/14 - We had a great time at the BAO running the Draconic Awards! Here is some footage on some behind the scenes of what we do to run the awards as well as the award ceremony. Check it out! Read More...
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Talking with Reese about The Bay Area Open!
Sunday, 08/03/14 - We talk with Reese about the Bay Area Open that took placed last weekend. Check it out! Read More...
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