Miranda's Tutorial - How to Paint a Khador Battlegroup Starter Box

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Hobby Watch #8: GW CEO Steps Down, BAO and Draconic Awards Post Report and more!
Wednesday, 07/30/14 - Just talking about news you've probably already heard of. GW CEO steps down, Bay Area Open Post Report and Draconic Awards Best of Show and other cool Wargaming News! Read More...
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GenCon Exclusive Adventurers Tavern by Games and Gears
Sunday, 07/13/14 - Here's a first look at the GenCon Exclusive Adventures Tavern by Games and Gears! Only available to pick up at GenCon but you can pre-order on the G&G Website. Read More...
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Kickin' it with Codex Dan - Wargamer Insider
Sunday, 07/06/14 - While in Valhalla last year, we sat down and kicked it with Dan the Man! See what makes Dan a pretty cool dork! Just like us! Read More...
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Hobby Watch #7: Buddha Cometh, Steaming Dragons, Zombies and Get Fit!
Wednesday, 07/02/14 - More stuff you've probably already heard about! Stuff like Painting Buddha Pre-orders, Zombicide Season 3, Relic Knights, Alternative 30 seconds and more! Read More...
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Alternative World for Typhus - Scibor's Angel of Death
Monday, 06/30/14 - Good old Typhus. So misunderstood! But all is good. If you're using this bad boy for your Chaos Army, check out this alternative models for him! Read More...
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Talking with Frontline Gaming @ Adepticon 2014
Friday, 06/27/14 - We pulled Reese aside at Adepticon to talk a little about Frontline Gaming and LVO. Check it out! Read More...
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Hobby Watch #6: Awesome Tavern, GenCon, DA at BAO, Incoming Dakka,
Wednesday, 06/25/14 - Another episode of Hobby Watch is out now and we cover stuff you may or may not have heard about yet! Pre-Oder G&G's new Tavern at GenCon, Draconic Awards at Bay Area Open so much more! Read More...
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Califaux and the Draconic Awards
Friday, 06/13/14 - Bad things don't always happen! Not when it came to Califaux this last weekend! Two days filled with nail bashing and cheating fate, it was a a great time with tons of prize support and the inaugural launch of the Draconic Awards! Read and Watch! Read More...
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Alternative World for the Aegis Defense Line - Wargamma Linked Barricades
Tuesday, 06/10/14 - In this alternative world we take a look at the Wargamma's Linked Barricades. It's a great set to use as your Aegis Defense Line. They got a few themes to chose from! Read More...
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How to Play Warhammer 40k (6th Ed) - Part 8: The Assault Phase
Saturday, 05/24/14 - In part eight of the How to Play Warhammer 40k series we go over the basics of the assault phase and cover some other stuff in the last video of the series. We'll continue on later with changes from 6th to 7th edition before getting into more advanced stuff later. Read More...
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