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The Terrain Tutor
TheTerrainTutor is a dedicated to helping the community build better battlefields no matter what game they play. As an educational resource for gamers, the channel is organised into playlists covering terrain building basics, 100's of build tutorials, advanced techniques, honest comprehensive product overviews, show reports and much more with live shows every Sunday night answering all your terrain related questions. So whether you're looking to put a few pieces together for your table or you're a fully blow terrainiac, TheTerrainTutor is here to help!
Sunday Nighter - Post Salute show & tell
Sunday, 04/23/17 - Back from Salute, sharing the pics of the tables and tall tales from the day! Read More...
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A Comprehensive Guide to Texturing your Wargaming Terrain
Thursday, 04/20/17 - In this Back 2 Basics video, we do a refresh of an older video and look at texturing your wargames scenery. We look at the various options for basing materials and then we good through how I've texturing and sealing my terrain bases. Read More...
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Chill, Chat & Paint
Monday, 04/17/17 - Chill, Chat & Paint
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BBB - Making Jungle Scatter Terrain Pt3 (Basic Ground Foliage)
Wednesday, 03/29/17 - Getting stuck into my Big Burma Build project, adding all the basic ground foliage for my dense terrain scatter pieces. Read More...
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Let's Make - Camo Netting (Battlefield Basics Series)
Tuesday, 02/28/17 - In this Let's Make, we start to windup our battlefield basics scenery series by looking at an easy technique to make camo netting for you bunkers and vehicles. Read More...
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Let's Make - Glowing Smoke Markers (Battlefield Basics Series)
Friday, 02/24/17 - In this Let's Make, we continue our battlefield basics scenery series by looking at an easy technique to create great looking glowing smoke markers for your damaged vehicles. Read More...
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Let's Make - Foamboard Bunkers & Pillboxes (Battlefield Basics Series)
Tuesday, 02/21/17 - In this Let's Make, we continue our battlefield basics scenery series by looking at some simple techniques to create awesome looking ww2 foamboard bunkers and pillbox terrain. Read More...
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Cheap & Easy Expanding Foam Wargaming Hills & Rock Clusters
Tuesday, 01/31/17 - Struggling to get your hands on insulation sheets? Want a tables worth of terrain for 3 pounds? Here's a really cheap and easy way of making them out of expanding polystyrene insulation foam, straight out of a can! Read More...
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Quick Terrain Tips - Easy Gap Filling!
Saturday, 01/28/17 - Looking for a quicker, cleaner and less wasteful way of filling the gaps in your terrain, then checkout these quick and simple techniques. Read More...
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TerraTiles - The Modular Expandable Battlemat!
Thursday, 01/19/17 - Looking for the ultimate battle mat? A completely modular, expandable, high quality graphics, durable, hex tile system that perfect for laying down awesomely detailed battlefields to game on! Read More...
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