Deadzone Battle Report - Enforcers vs Forge Fathers (200 pts)

Brush 4 Hire
This channel is me continuing to have fun after my employment with Miniwargaming. I love making videos and connecting with the community. You can expect to see vlogs, live shows, battle reports from varied game systems (Warhammer, 40k, Warmahordes, and others).
Initiation: Wargaming Episode 4 (Tools and Supplies)
Chris and Austin discuss basic hobby tools and their preferences.
Painting New 40K Compatible Ship Hull Base Inserts
Thursday, 07/13/17 - Austin shows some techniques for painting DRD acrylic base inserts. Read More...
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DRD Live: Shadow War Aramgeddon
Thursday, 04/20/17 - Joe and Austin Talk about SWA, terrain for it and some great chaos models from Evil Craft. Read More...
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DRD Live: Dropfleet PHR Kitbash
Wednesday, 02/01/17 - another live show while we work on some stuff. Read More...
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DRD Live: Painting a Dog
Wednesday, 01/25/17 - Tonight we are painting a Relic Knights Noh Empire Hound of Nozuki and chatting about upcoming events! Read More...
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Help Us Make Some Great New Terrain
Monday, 02/15/16 - We're live! We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce 2 new lines of terrain and help us upgrade equipment to make our products faster, more affordable, and get them into stores near you. Read More...
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How to Paint IN-City Street Base Inserts
Monday, 01/25/16 - Austin Paints shows you how to quickly paint our IN-City Base inserts. Read More...
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Tau vs Ultramarines (1500pt 40k Batrep)
Friday, 01/22/16 - Austin and Justin face off with Ultramarines and Tau in a 1500 point 40K game. Read More...
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Painting: Panociania Orc
Friday, 01/15/16 - Austin Paints a PanOciania Orc for your viewing pleasure. Read More...
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2-Minute Tutorial: Painting Wood Plank Base Inserts
Sunday, 06/28/15 - We shows just how easy it is to paint our wood plank base inserts. Read More...
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Initiation: Wargaming Episode 3 (Getting into Malifaux)
Thursday, 05/28/15 - Chris talks to Austin about what he's learned about Malifaux so far. Read More...
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