Painting with Jay: Ep 98 - What 2017 Meant for Me

Voices of Mars
My video logs on my miniature wargaming life from buying models, painting tips & tricks, model showcases, and more!
Malifaux Corner - How to Become a Better Malifaux Player
In this episode of Malifaux Corner, We talk about becoming a better Malifaux Player.

Audio only:

Here's my game against Alex:
Malifaux Corner - How to Become A Better Malifaux Player - Gaining Ground 2015 Strategies
Saturday, 04/18/15 - Come watch Mario and Alex review and discuss the new Gaining Ground 2015 Strategies Read More...
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Malifaux Corner - How to Become a Better Malifaux Player - Common Mistakes While Playing
Thursday, 01/15/15 - Mars and Alex talks about the common mistakes when playing Malifaux and how to avoid making those same mistakes. Read More...
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Malifaux Corner: Twisted Tactics - Thunder Archers & Blot the Sky
Wednesday, 01/07/15 - In this episode of Malifaux Corner's Twisted Tactics, lets talk about those guys with the impossible hats: the Thunder Archers! Read More...
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Malifaux Corner: Twisted Tactics - McCabe's Free VP
Tuesday, 11/25/14 - In this episode of Malifaux Corner's Twisted Tactics, Lucas McCabe shows off his moves in buffing his crew and getting them to the fight! Read More...
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Malifaux Corner - Twisted Tactics: Shenlong & First Turn Line in The Sand
Thursday, 11/20/14 - In this new Malifaux Corner segment, we'll show off handy tips, tricks, and model synergies that will help you up your game on the tabletop. Read More...
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Malifaux Corner - Picking Your Faction with Joel Henry
Wednesday, 10/29/14 - UK's #1 Player gives out tips on picking up a faction in Malifaux Read More...
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Maliaux BatRep - Mars Vs Alex Guild Vs Ten Thunders
Sunday, 10/05/14 - A Wyrd Place Malifaux Vassal League Live Battle - Mars Vs Alex! Guild Vs Ten Thunders, who will win? Read More...
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Voices of Mars Review - Stynylrez by Badger Airbrush
Thursday, 10/02/14 - In this video, we review the Stynylrez Primers by Badger Airbrushes. Read More...
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Through The Breach Malifaux RPG Campaign - The Beginning
Wednesday, 10/01/14 - "The Beginning" - What will live in Malifaux be like for these ragtag band of strangers? Read More...
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Live Battle - Mars Vs Richard
Saturday, 09/20/14 - A Wyrd Place Malifaux Vassal League Live Battle - Mars Vs Codex Dan, Guild Vs. Ressurectionist, who will win? Read More...
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