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Stormcast Eternals vs Skaven - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Battle Report
Wednesday, 11/02/16 - The Stormcast and the Skaven fight over treasure rumoured to contain the tears of Sigmar. Read More...
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Halloween Special - Andy & Rem Show #72 (Warhammer Age Of Sigmar)
Wednesday, 11/02/16 - Some of the show has been cut off due to a YouTube glitch. This is the re-uploaded version with the audio fixed. Can't fix the laggy picture during the first half of the video, sadly. Read More...
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Game Licenses, Delayed Kickstarters, Spoopy Time - 2D6 Friday #20
Friday, 10/28/16 - Some potentially controversial topics have been suggested for this week, so it could be juicy. I'll also be opening up a Plague-related delivery from Mantic. PLUS, since it's almost Halloween, maybe I'll tell a scary tale. Read More...
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HeroHammer - Andy & Rem Show #71 (Warhammer Age Of Sigmar)
Tuesday, 10/25/16 - This week we'll be looking at heroes that can't possibly be left out, and more! Read More...
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Burning Of Prospero, Kickstarters, Nostalgia - 2D6 Friday #19
Saturday, 10/22/16 - Re-upload of last night's show, since YouTube decided to put the audio 5 minutes out of sync on the recording. Read More...
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Dwarfs vs Undead - Kings of War Timed Game - Tournament Conditions
Wednesday, 10/19/16 - Let me know what you think of this video format. A full game of KoW, under timed tournament conditions. Read More...
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Lord-Veritant, What's Next? - Andy & Rem Show #70 (Warhammer Age Of Sigmar)
Tuesday, 10/18/16 - The Lord Veritant is here... but what comes next?! Read More...
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Ravenwing vs Chaos Space Marines - 40k Battle Report
Monday, 10/17/16 - The forces of the Ravenwing, led by Sammael, have embarked on a mission of critical importance to the Imperium. Read More...
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Sisters Of Battle? YouTube Loyalty - 2D6 Friday #18
Friday, 10/14/16 - Sisters Of Battle? YouTube Loyalty - 2D6 Friday #18 Read More...
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