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One Year Of AoS, Crab Holes - Andy & Rem Show #53 (Warhammer Age Of Sigmar)
It's been one year since we started discussing the arrival of AoS. We reflect on the last 12 months, and how they have changed Warhammer and the industry, with a variety of special guests.
GW Licenses, Relics v2, KoW Empire of Dust - 2D6 Friday #2
Friday, 06/24/16 - It's time for the second thrilling installment of 2D6 Friday. We shall be delving into a variety of topics, and also answering questions in the fabled #Q&Andy section. Read More...
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New Editions Galore, KoW Tournament Rules, Deathwing Suck - 2D6 Friday #1
Friday, 06/17/16 - The first episode of Andy's brand new general wargaming discussion show. With so many games either recently launching new editions, or soon to be heading that way, that topic is surely worthy of discussion. Read More...
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Terrain Fit For Sigmar - Inferno Battle Mat
Wednesday, 06/15/16 - We do a quick review of the Inferno battle mat from Deep Cut Studio. Read More...
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Golden Weasel Awards Special - Andy & Rem Show #52
Tuesday, 06/14/16 - As we close in on ONE YEAR of The Andy & Rem Show, we announce the winners of the Golden Weasel painting awards. Read More...
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War Is Coming On June 11th - Andy & Rem Show #51
Tuesday, 06/07/16 - War Is Coming... but what does it all mean?! Read More...
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What I Painted This Month - May 2016
Monday, 06/06/16 - Don't eat the orange snow.
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New Paints, Andy's Hair, No Guest :( - Andy & Rem Show #50
Tuesday, 05/31/16 - This week we'll be chatting with the wargaming YouTube pioneer, Shawn of Blue Table Painting. We'll be talking about AoS, and maybe even finding out how GW's new direction has affected the commission painting industry. ;) Read More...
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The Spreading Of My CheekZ
Saturday, 05/28/16 - CHEEKZ KICKSTARTER:
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Sylvaneth vs Orruks - Cecil The Magical Unicorn - Age Of Sigmar Battle Report
Friday, 05/27/16 - The Sylvaneth forces have branched out into the Realm of Metal, but the local Orruk population are having none of it. Read More...
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Warhammer World, Silver Tower Impressions - Andy & Rem Show #49
Tuesday, 05/24/16 - Back from playing AoS and a demo of Silver Tower at Warhammer World, we're ready to discuss all that AND MORE! Read More...
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