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Light-hearted wargaming discussion and battle reports, spanning various game systems. Live interactive Age of Sigmar show every Tuesday.
Warhammer World, Silver Tower Impressions - Andy & Rem Show #49
Tuesday, 05/24/16 - Back from playing AoS and a demo of Silver Tower at Warhammer World, we're ready to discuss all that AND MORE! Read More...
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Kings Of War Battle Report - Goblins vs Elves (2000pts)
Thursday, 05/19/16 - A vast stockpile of treasure awaits the army that can lay claim to the centre of the battlefield, in this tournament practice game. Read More...
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Silver Tower Revealed, Golden Demon - Andy & Rem Show #48
Tuesday, 05/17/16 - In another juicy episode of the Andy & Rem Show, we'll be discussing the latest info on Warhammer Quest, looking at some of the finest Golden Demon entries, and more! Read More...
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What I Painted This Month - April 2016
Sunday, 05/15/16 - Dem Piggies.
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Warhammer Quest Silver Tower, Flesh Eaters - Andy & Rem Show #47
Tuesday, 05/10/16 - Many topics to sink our flesh-eating fangs into, including the return of Warhammer Quest. Plus, we get to hear all about Remington's adventures, and maybe even see pictures of bridges. Read More...
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How Will YOU Play AoS? Dready & Tabletop Minions - Andy & Rem Show
Tuesday, 05/03/16 - We'll be asking which of the three upcoming AoS game modes you will be playing, as we're joined by Dready and Uncle Atom. We'll also be discussing all the other hot AoS topics, including battle report fallout. Read More...
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Stormcast Eternals vs The Best Dwarfs - The Porkening - Age Of Sigmar Battle Report
Monday, 05/02/16 - The Stormcast Eternals face off against "The Best Dwarfs", in a battle for interdimensional supremacy. Read More...
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