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Never Pin With A Paperclip Ever Again - Andy's Hobby Tips #2
Become a professional pinner today. Ditch those paperclips.
MORE BALLS! What I Painted This Month (July 2017)
Tuesday, 08/15/17 - Late due to hard drive failure, here are some pictures of my delicious BALLS and more. Read More...
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Kings of War Tournament Report - Call of the Wild Wood
Monday, 08/14/17 - 2000 point tournament at Black Dragon Miniatures. Read More...
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Deathwing vs Khorne - Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Battle Report
Thursday, 08/10/17 - The forces of Deathwing and Khorne Marines do battle over the possible location of a lost relic, in this red hot steamy lava planet encounter. Read More...
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We're Back, How Much AoS Do You Play? - Andy & Rem Show #92
Tuesday, 08/01/17 - After a few weeks off, we finally have plenty of juicy AoS topics to discuss. Read More...
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Kings Of War Battle Report - Goblins vs Dwarfs
Monday, 07/24/17 - Goblins and Dwarfs do battle over a frozen landscape... for very different reasons: 2000 points. Occupy scenario Read More...
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Never Spill A Wash Again - Andy's Hobby Tips #1
Friday, 07/21/17 - Scientifically proven. Everybody knows you can't argue with science. Read More...
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What I Painted This Month (June 2017) - More Arkanauts
Thursday, 07/13/17 - Yes, more Arkanauts.
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Stormcast Eternals vs Kharadron Overlords - AoS Skirmish Battle Report
Friday, 07/07/17 - Battle using the AoS Skirmish rules, featuring the Stormcast Eternals and the Kharadron Overlords. Read More...
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General's Handbook 2017, MORE Stormcast? Golden Weasel Awards - Andy & Rem Show #91 (Warhammer AoS)
Tuesday, 07/04/17 - The latest teaser from GW suggests MORE Stormcast are coming soon. The General's Handbook 2017 will soon be upon us. AND it's time to announce the winners of this year's Golden Weasel Awards. Read More...
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