Behind the Scenery Live - Studio Session

Nessie Knows
Your host Nestor Medina brings you closer to the games that spark his interest. From Infinity, Malifaux, and Dark Age to Board Games like Ninja All Stars, Super Dungeon Explore and other board games as well. He wont go it alone as he will be sure to bring others on the journey who show interest in the games as well....because there is one thing he is certain of....Nessie Knows an adventure is best shared with others.
Adepticon 2016 - Infinity Seminar
Welcome to the Infinity Seminar 2016. Featuring Carlos and Tom SHAL DEZ.
Adepticon previews Part 2
Thursday, 03/31/16 - Second set of previews from Adepticon 2016. Read More...
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Adepticon previews Part 1
Thursday, 03/31/16 - These were taken at the Warsenal booth during Adepticon HSN3 release. Read More...
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The Data Conclave - Episode 4
Monday, 03/28/16 - This episode the hosts discuss the world of Infinity, HSN3, Adepticon, and some of the things one does getting ready for a large event both as a organizer and as a player. Read More...
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The Data Conclave - Episode 3
Monday, 03/14/16 - Welcome back to another episode of The Data Conclave, this time Dae Serrano, and Nestor Medina discuss about getting into Infinity, and how to get your newly purchased Operation Icestorm or US Ariadna Army Box ready for ITS 2016. Read More...
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The Data Conclave - Episode 2
Monday, 03/07/16 - This evening we talk with Enduro Joe about the Rumble on Route 66 and also talk about Operation Flamestrike and some other goodies. Read More...
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The Data Conclave - Episode 1
Monday, 02/29/16 - This episode Nestor Medina, with fellow WGC Infinity Admins Tim Toolen and Dave Serrano discuss the new ITS 2016, the new releases for February and more. Read More...
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