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Wargamer Girl
I am a miniature wargamer. My primary focus is currently WarMachine though in the past I have played 40K. I create battle reports with a focus on clarity and detail.
Vermintide Mission 01
This is the first mission in my ongoing Vermintide "Let's Play" series. With me on this mission are JacktheRipoff, Dylan, and CodexDan.

Dawn of War 3 Mission 01
Saturday, 05/20/17 - This is the first play through in my Dawn of War 3 series. Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #28 - Staying Engaged in the Hobby
Thursday, 05/18/17 - Today Dan I and I talk about fitting Wargaming into busy schedules and how we keep the ravages of life from disconnecting us from our beloved hobby. Read More...
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Introducing The Painter Flo
Wednesday, 05/17/17 - Join me in welcoming my friend and commission painter Florinda to the WGG team. Read More...
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No Quarter Issue #71 - Miranda's Superfluous Review
Wednesday, 05/10/17 - I just wanted to chat about the new(ish) issue of No Quarter. In this video I learned how badly I need a new webcam. Read More...
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Product Review! Active Minds XCase
Sunday, 05/07/17 - We were sent a sample of the XCase modular displays from Active Minds Games. Here is our review. Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #27 with Special Guests from Wargamer Online
Thursday, 05/04/17 - Join Dan and I as we welcome a newer channel to the Wargaming Community. WargamerOnline is a team of folks from the UK. Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #26 New aquisitions!
Thursday, 04/20/17 - Join Dan and I for about an hour and we chat about gaming and such. What new gaming have you been doing? Please tell us in the chat! Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #25 with special guest Tabletop Minions!
Thursday, 04/06/17 - Atom from Tabletop Minions joins us to discuss his adventures at Adepticon. Read More...
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Space Hulk Board Game - Mission 01: Beachhead
Tuesday, 03/28/17 - This is the first in my Space Hulk series. Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #24: Sad people not going to Adepticon
Thursday, 03/23/17 - Join Dan and myself as we chat about Warmachine stuffs and Adepticon - or rather the fact that we're not going this year. Read More...
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