How to Paint Glowing Eyes - Painting With the Pro
Is the New Necromunda What You Really Want?
Is the new version of Necromunda from Games Workshop what you really want? Uncle Atom will tell you what it actually is, what it isn't, and how it's different. Read More...
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Hobbyist, Player or Combo - Paint and Talk #2
Are you a hobbyist, Painter or the Combo? Let us know! Read More...
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Shadespire New Gateway Game - First Look
Games Workshop sent Uncle Atom an early copy of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire (coming out later in October) and he's painted the models and talks about the potential for this game to be the great new gateway game to introduce new players to the wargaming hobby. Read More...
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Is This the Future of Tabletop Wargaming?
Augmented reality seems to be a big focus for the technology companies today, and we're already seeing it creep into our tabletop wargaming space. How much more will there be? Atom talks about it. Read More...
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Can You Have Too Many Hobbies?
Here's something I've learned from having many different interests over the years and the same 24 hours a day that the rest of you have. Check it out. Read More...
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Do You Think YOU Have Gamer A.D.D.?
Do you suffer from Gamer A.D.D.? Uncle Atom is pretty sure he does. He'll explain what it is, the different forms of it, and how you can (hopefully) 'cure' it if you want. Read More...
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Thoughts On Morale in Wargaming Rules
Atom tells you about his thoughts on morale rules in tabletop wargaming, and how his opinions have changed. Read More...
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Are Wargaming Demo Teams in Trouble?
Privateer Press announced they are ending the Press Ganger demo team program, ending years of volunteer support for Warmachine and Hordes. Are more wargaming demo teams also soon to end? Read More...
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How to "Level Up" Wargaming Newbies
How can you make sure your friends who are just now getting into wargaming stay in the hobby? Uncle Atom talks about a few ideas to help keep your newcomers coming back for more. Read More...
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What I Really Want from Games Workshop
Uncle Atom starts off 2017 with a late Xmas list for Games Workshop and goes over the top seven things he wants from GW this year. Number four will be between number three and number five! Read More...
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Does Anger Ruin Your Gaming?
Do you find that you get angry when you lose a wargame? Like, really angry? Atom talks about the issues with that kind of anger. Read More...
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Did Age of Sigmar "Destroy" the Warhammer Lore?
A lot of commenters said they felt that Age of Sigmar "destroyed" the Warhammer Fantasy lore and story. Did it? Atom gives you his thoughts on the subject. Read More...
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