The Badger Sotar vs Krome | Which Fits You? | Buying Guide
Which Gaming Surface is Right For You?
You need to play wargames on some kind of surface, and Uncle Atom is here to help you find the right one for you. Read More...
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Will the New Games Workshop Affect All Wargaming?
A lot of people really, really seem to like the new 8th edition Warhammer 40,000. What does that mean to all the wargaming companies that AREN'T Games Workshop? Read More...
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What Is Wargaming's "Local Meta?"
You've heard the term "meta" thrown around in wargaming (or maybe you haven't yet) and you don't know what it means? Uncle Atom has you covered with a quick explanation. Read More...
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Why Do We Dislike Other Players' Choices?
Why do gamers complain about games they don't play? Have you ever had someone tell you (unsolicited) how much they hate a game you love? Atom tries to figure out and partially explain this phenomena. Read More...
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Kings of War Tournament Report - AltiBash 2
Coming at you LIVE.
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Kings of War Tournament Report - Elemental Kings
Let's try doing one of these live, to cut out the 6 hours editing process. Feedback is welcome. Read More...
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9th Age - Equitaine vs Sylvan Elves 2000pts
Filip and I get together to do some 9th Age play. Just getting into it and checking it out and I'm liking it. More to come for 9th Age. Read More...
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