EngineerJeff Live Stream #18.5

Episode 14: Deadzone, Don't Get Discouraged and Playing Raspy
In this episode we talk with the Coach about Deadzone, Lyn Stahl about getting discouraged from painting and Chris about playing Raspy in Malifaux.
Skirmish Supremacy Episode 29: WGC's Chung Chow
Chung FINALLY comes and banters with us on the podcast It is about time
Skirmish Supremacy Episode 28: Flight Medic Painting with Robert Dare
Nick is left to his own devices when he sits and talks with Robert Darefsky owner/operator of Flight Medic Painting.
Skirmish Supremacy Episode 27: Broken Contract with Nick Baran
We are back and chatting with Nick Baran idea man and game designer behind the successfully funded Scifi skirmish game/board game/RPGish hybrid Broken Contract
Tim's Table Time #1: American Team Championships
Whew What a week Prepping all of the companies that I work with for Gen Con pushed this back a bit I recorded this on the way to work so I apologize for the hollow sound to it
Skirmish Supremacy Episode 26: Getting Wild in the Streets with Chris
Chris Kohler joins us to talk about his new altculture skirmish game "Wild in the Streets".
Skirmish Supremacy Episode 25: RPG Crate with Chris Hinson
Nick and I banter on about current and classic RPGs with Chris Hinson, founder of RPG Crate.
Episode 13: WGC Malfiaux, Skirmish Supremacy and The Flash
We're back for season 3! We'll, we kinda consider it season 3! Join Chung and Nestor on this new episode where we talk about the new WGC Malifaux group, skirmish games and comic geekniess!
SSX: Weekend Game Over #2
Weekend Game Over 2 More of Nick babbling about games.
Skirmish Supremacy Episode 24: Enter the Deadzone with Pat Lewis
Tonight Nick and I talk with Pat Lewis, head of the Pathfinder volunteer program for Mantic Games. We discuss all things Deadzone, 20, their revamp on the rules to make it more streamlined and faster to play. We also talk a bit about Kings of War and upcoming releases from Mantic Mantic Games.
SSX: Weekend Game Over #1!
Nick takes the lead on a Skirmish Supremacy Extra SSX called Weekend Game Over where we will be talking about our games that we are playing.
Skirmish Supremacy Episode 23: Uncovering RelicBlade With Sean Sutter
As I am caught up in work meetings all week, Nick goes at it alone with Sean Sutter of Metal Kings Studio to talk about the launch of RelicBlade.
Skirmish Supremacy Episode 22: Armoured Syndicate with Ben Jarvis
I fly solo tonight with Ben Jarvis from Megaton Games to talk about his new game currently on Kickstarter "Armoured Syndicate". Learn what the Wild West future with angry Mechs looks like.
Skirmish Supremacy Episode 21: Hobby Banter and Tournaments
Nick and I fly without a guest tonight as we banter on about our hobby tables me moving to the new house tournaments and something we are planning to kick off this next year.
Skirmish Supremacy Episode Twenty: Wandering and bantering with the R
Tonight Nick and I are joined by Heath Foley, an artist that has been in the industry for a while and has worked on many projects for many companies.

More Recent Podcast Episodes
Skirmish Supremacy Episode Nineteen: Dropping the Bomb with Bombshell
Today Nick and I are joined by Patrick Keith, sculptor, artist and creator of Bombshell Miniatures and the retro-science fiction game Counterblast. Read More...
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Episode Eighteen: This War of Mine with Marcin from Awaken Realms
Marcin joins Nick and I again to discuss the new project by Awaken Realms titled "This War of Mine". Read More...
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Episode Seventeen: Murders! ...and Acquisitions...
This week the warlords sit down with Craig Campbell of Nerdburger Games and talk about the "Murders and Acquisitions" Kickstarter. This is an RPG where you might just commit murder to make it to the top. Read More...
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Episode Sixteen: Hobby Banter and News 5/11/2016
Nick and I are joined by Liz Hunt from The Hobby Hangout and we discuss this weeks current and a bit of notsocurrent news in the Nerdosphere it is now a thing. Read More...
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Episode Fifteen: Hobby Banter 5/6/2016
No guests this week. Nick and I sit down to go over the different things we are working on well mostly him. My hobby time is on a bit of a freeze. Read More...
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Episode Fourteen: Homebrew Worlds
Crazy week. I was out house hunting vacationing and doing adult stuff while Nick took this one solo. He sits down with Ben of Homebrewed Worlds a custom terrain maker from Dallas, Texas. Read More...
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Episode Thirteen: This is Not a Test!!!
Lucky Thirteen. Nick and I catch up with Joe McGuire, one man army of Worlds End Publishing and his Post Apocalyptic miniatures game "This is Not a Test". Read More...
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Episode Twelve: Giving up the Ash!
Tonight Nick and I are joined by Ash Barker of the popular YouTube channel Guerrilla Miniature Games as well as a few other youtubers! Read More...
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Episode Eleven: Commando Chickens and Big Bugs from Interloper Miniat
Nick and I are joined by a CRAZY CANADIAN. His name is Legion McRae, indie miniatures designer with lots of cool retro throwback and just plain funny miniatures to add into your games. Read More...
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Episode Ten: De-Cyphering the Cypher System by Monte Cook Games
Tonight Nick and I sit back and talk with Charles Ryan from Monte Cook Games to talk about their new game and their kickstarter. Read More...
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Episode Nine: Mars Attacks! (And paints...)
Nick and I sit down with Mario Suhardi, a high level award winning miniature painter and Owner/Designer of Mats by Mars gaming mats. Read More...
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Episode Eight: The Carcass: Exodus RPG
Jim Pinto joins us to talk about his new game "The Carcass Exodus". It is an RPG town survival game set in a postapocalypse setting. Read More...
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