Road to LVO 2018 Part 1
No Quarter Prime #02 - Miranda's Superfluous Review
I go over the highlights of NQ Prime #2 - especially the new rules for Unbound! Read More...
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No Quarter Prime #01 - Miranda's Superfluous Review
Here is a short overview of what is in the first issue of No Quarter Prime. Read More...
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Strangelight Workshop: Wicked Ways book review
This is my review for the Strangelight Workshop: Wicked Ways anthology. It takes place in the world of the Iron Kingdoms and the stories include tales of the Grymkin! Read More...
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No Quarter Issue #71 - Miranda's Superfluous Review
I just wanted to chat about the new(ish) issue of No Quarter. In this video I learned how badly I need a new webcam. Read More...
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Metalhead Minis: Angel Giraldez Masterclass Vol 1 and 2 Comparison and Review!
Today, we give a comparison and review of Angel Giraldez's Masterclass books Volumes 1 and 2. Read More...
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Weathering Magazine Issue 12 Review
In this video I'm doing a brief review of the latest Weathering Magazine by Mig Ammo. Read More...
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Modulation and Light Techniques
This is my review of the Modulation & Light Techniques book by Javier Soler via Mig Ammo. Read More...
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White Dwarf: Issue 11: Bullgryn
Austin shows the new issue of White Dwarf and comments on the new Bullgryn models. Read More...
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Adoba Diorama Book Reviews ft. Spud Tate!
Spud Tate reviews some great Diorama books for us by Adoba. If you need to learn or brush up on some techiques and know how's about building terrain or diorama, check this video out. It might help! Read More...
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