EngineerJeff Live Stream #18
Nessie Knows - Muse on Minis Guild Ball Tokens Review
Nessie reviews the Muse on Minis Guild Ball Tokens newly released. He shows off the Fisherman Token s but discusses which ones he might be getting at CaptainCon 2017. Be sure to check it out when he reviews those as well. Read More...
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Nessie Knows - Metalhead Minis Dry Erase Game Tokens
Metalhead Minis produces some awesome dry erase tokens and I show them off in this video during my vacation time. Read More...
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Nessie Knows - Shock Army of Acontecimento Part I
First Step as I get ready for my Shock Army is getting their bases ready. If you have seen the ones I have for Stephen Rao and his Bagh-Mari then you know I am using the Meso Tech bases from Death Ray Designs. Read More...
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Kromlech- Junk City Objective Markers
WGC Artist Divisional Director Lyn Stahl reviews the Kromlech Junk City Objective Markers. Read More...
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Nessie knows - Impudent Mortal Guild Ball Tournament Case
So while getting ready for Gen Con 2016 I wanted to play some Guild ball so I like the Impudent Mortal Tournament case for Infinity so much I ordered one for Guild Ball. Read More...
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Nessie Knows! - Impudent Mortal Tournament Tray
Impudent Mortal has a new tournament tray with storage compartment out and here is a first look at it. I will be bringing this with me to GenCon this year so looking forward to showing it off. Read More...
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