The Badger Sotar vs Krome | Which Fits You? | Buying Guide
Unboxing and Demo, Green Stuff World, Chameleon Colorshift Metal Paints!
In the mail today, I received the Green Stuff World colorshift metal paints! In this video, I show you the product and I try out using the paints a little with a brush. Read More...
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Product Demo: Scale 75 Inktensity Inks Set!
Here is a quick demo video I did of the Scale 75 Inktensity Inks. I show how the colors look when painted on, how it dries alone and with anti shine additive. Read More...
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Let's Talk About Andrea Miniatures- Andrea Color Ink Set!
Today, we review and demonstrate the Andrea Color Ink Set from Andrea Miniatures. Watch as we show you how the inks look over white primer, over metallics, terrain colors, flesh color, and other colors! Read More...
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Reaper Paint Review (Initial Review)
Here's some initial thoughts about Reaper paints from some of the WCU Mentors! Check it out. Read More...
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Citadel Air Paint Review
In this video I review the new Citadel Air paint line. These are nice paints, but are not in dropper bottles. Check the video out, pick up a pot for yourself and let me know what you think! Read More...
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Voices of Mars Review - Stynylrez by Badger Airbrush
In this video, we review the Stynylrez Primers by Badger Airbrushes. Read More...
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New Badger Primer Stynylrez!
The new Badger Primer named Stynylrez is now on the horizon! Available and premiering at Adepticon 2014! This is come great stuff! Check it out! Read More...
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