Warhammer 40k Noob Battle Report #1 Tyranids vs RavenGuard
Nessie Knows - Shock Army of Acontecimento Part I
First Step as I get ready for my Shock Army is getting their bases ready. If you have seen the ones I have for Stephen Rao and his Bagh-Mari then you know I am using the Meso Tech bases from Death Ray Designs. Read More...
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Infinity The USAriadna Army Pack Project 1
This video is about Infinity The USAriadna Army Pack Project 1 Read More...
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Nessie Knows - Operation Red Veil: Haqqislam Review (who you calling fusiliers?)
Whats up guys, I was able to get my hands on a box of Operation Red Veil to show to prospective new players before GenCon and I started working on the Haqqislam portion as I am playing Haqqislam this season and wanted to get them built first. Read More...
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