Road to LVO 2018 Part 1

Engineer Jeff
I paint miniatures and scale models. You'll see model and hobby reviews, how to paint tutorials, and showcases of models I paint, all injected with a healthy dose of random geeky goodness.
Weathering Magazine Issue 12 Review
Sunday, 09/20/15 - In this video I'm doing a brief review of the latest Weathering Magazine by Mig Ammo. Read More...
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Citadel Air Paint Review
Tuesday, 09/08/15 - In this video I review the new Citadel Air paint line. These are nice paints, but are not in dropper bottles. Check the video out, pick up a pot for yourself and let me know what you think! Read More...
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Rubicon Models Tiger Tank
Thursday, 07/16/15 - This is a quick showcase video of a German tiger tank I built and painted for my Bolt Action force. It is made by Rubicon Models and was a joy to build, paint and weather. Read More...
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Age of Sigmar
Saturday, 07/04/15 - In this video I do a brief overview of the White Dwarf that introduces us to the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar. I also assemble the model that is included with this magazine. What are your thoughts about Age of Sigmar? Read More...
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Modulation and Light Techniques
Friday, 05/22/15 - This is my review of the Modulation & Light Techniques book by Javier Soler via Mig Ammo. Read More...
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How to Paint Wargame Tanks
Monday, 05/11/15 - In this video Engineer Jeff shows how he painted and weathered the first batch of Sherman tanks for his Flames of War US forces. He used the Painting Wargame Tanks book as a reference. Read More...
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Codex Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Review
Sunday, 04/19/15 - In this video I'm reviewing my latest Games Workshop addiction, the Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii codex! Read More...
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How to paint a Cryx Bane Knight
Saturday, 03/28/15 - Greetings all! In this tutorial, I'm showing how I paint my Warmachine Cryx Mechanithralls. This is the third of many Cryx tutorials coming soon to my channel. Read More...
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How to Paint Reaper Bones Kobolds
Saturday, 09/27/14 - Our enigmatic Engineer Jeff lays down the paints on a Reaper Bones Kobold! Read More...
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Painting Reaper Bones Pathfinder Goblins
Tuesday, 11/12/13 - WGC member Engineer Jeff whips up a video showing you how he paints a pathfinder goblin from Reaper Bones! Read More...
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