Road to LVO 2018 Part 1

Who Are We?

The Wargamers Consortium is an organization who's main goal is to promote the wargaming hobby and in some cases, into board games, card games and roleplaying. This is done by creating content through social media as well as assisting in various events across the world. We also create programs that helps people improved in painting or gaming so they can enjoy this hobby more.

What We Do?

We do many things to help promote the miniature wargming hobby and other games. We have a group of partners on youtube that produces videos covering painting tutorials to battle reports.

Our Artist Division was created to help other people improve on their painting skill as well as modeling skills. Our WGU (Wargamers Consortium University) Instructors is a group of painters, usually award winning, who are pleasant and skilled teachers who goal matched the WGC goals: to help painters and modellers grow and improve.

Our Gaming Division was created to help gamers improve or learn various wargames that we support. This includes creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere through facebook groups and online forums. Our Gaming Directors also put in tons of time to help run gaming events, either at local game stores or at larger events.

We also create programs such as the Draconic Awards to make things just a little more fun and more available for our hobbyiest and gamers.

Finally, we work with companies closely to create new products or programs that will help people in this hobby. This includes companies like Badger Airbrushes and Games and Gears.

Why a Wargamers Consortium Network Account?

Because of the extent of the programs we run which includes online websites, a WGC Network Account will allow you access to those places with just one user account. This makes it easier for you to access all the cool websites that we are involved in.


The Wargamers Consortium started out as a Youtube channel. As it grew with just one man, soon friends were made and more people joined in and started to help to add to the great hobby of wargaming as a group.

Friends who shared the same interests in what they do on Youtube started to expand into other mediums to share their wealth of knowledge that they gained to other people in the community.

It originally started as an idea between Chung and Les from Lester Bursley Miniatures. As Chung tinkered with an idea for a website, it turned out to be more than just that.

They tried a couple of ideas and it didn't go as expected. Not to be deterred, they kept their ideas intact and kept rethinking it over.

Chung then met the Joey (from TheJoeyBerry Channel) and became fast friends. Working together, the idea sprung from just running Youtube channels into an idea of a networking and community. Following up on those idea, it developed into the WGC Producer group. It was mainly created to see what we can do with a group of like minded individuals coming together and spiraled into something bigger than all of us.

The Facebook WGC group was created afterwards and the ideas for a community was dusted off the shelf and put back on the slate. With the Facebook Groups being as limited as it is, a website was now a the next thing that must be done.

By this time, the WGC Network has gained some attention from companies and the community in general.

We decided to create this website, not only share in this hobby of ours, but to provide tools and a network to help others do what they do in the wargaming hobby.

With such a wide variety of not just peer but of friends from the producer group, to the WGC staff, to the companies and followers of wargamers, the Wargamers Consortium strive to forge a new era in Wargaming.

More Information

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