Painting with Jay: Ep 98 - What 2017 Meant for Me

Family of Gamers
Spending time with family is one of the most important things in life. This channel is all about a family, and our travels in Wargaming!
Team Building Exercise: Episode 8: The Awards Show
In this Episode, Coach from Familyofgamers777, Jack and Rob from Deadzone the Podcast have come to the end of the factions in the main rule book. To celebrate this, they made the ANNUAL AWARDS SHOW. If you catch one show, this is the one to listen to!!! Enjoy!!!
Adepticon 2017 vLog - Vol. 2
Friday, 03/31/17 - The Family of Gamers crew is at 2017 Adepticon in Chicago. We look at some demos, the vendor hall, and some all-around fun! Enjoy!!! Read More...
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Adepticon 2017 vLog - Vol. 3 The Conclusion
Friday, 03/31/17 - Andrew and Coach from Family of Gamers, Jack and Rob from Deadzone the Podcast and Tyler from Dreadpathzone talk about their experience at Adepticon 2017. Enjoy!!! Read More...
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Adepticon 2017 vLog - Vol. 1
Friday, 03/31/17 - The Family of Gamers crew go to the 2017 Adepticon!!! Follow Coach Andrew and Hot Dice from the beginning of the trip to Chicago. Oh, Hot Dice doesn't like to fly. Enjoy!!! Read More...
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Family of Gamers 777 @ Adepticon 2017
Wednesday, 03/22/17 - Andrew and Coach are on their way to Adepticon 2017!!!! Deadzone, Warpath, Firefight, painting, hanging out, and all out coverage. And you know the boys will get into all sorts of nonsense! Stay tuned for more!!!! Read More...
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Deadzone Monthly - Panic! Time to Paint What You Didn't Get Painted!
Tuesday, 03/21/17 - Join us in the last hangout before Adepticon!!!! Read More...
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Deadzone Battle Report: Marauder Commandos vs. Forge Fathers Brokkers - 200pts
Saturday, 03/11/17 - Coach and Ryan take 2 themed lists. The Marauders "Going Commando" and the Forge Father "Rock out with their Brokk out". Read More...
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Deadzone Monthly - Special Pre-Pre Adepticon/Hobby EditionMonthly
Saturday, 03/04/17 - It's just a hobby hangout with the guys painting and discussing everything Adepticon. Read More...
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Deadzone Battle Report: Asterians vs. Elite Rebs - 200pts
Saturday, 02/25/17 - Andrew and Ryan take control and play a 200 point Deadzone game. Patrol Mission, congested board, and lots of dice rolling!!! Will the Elite Rebs force overcome the Mighty Asterians? Enjoy!!!! Read More...
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Deadzone Battle Report: Plague vs. Enforcers - 200pts
Saturday, 02/11/17 - The boys are back, Father vs. Son, Plague vs Enforcers!!!! 200 points, Search and destroy Mission! This is a bloody action packed battle that is exciting all the way to the end. Can the Enforcers stop the ravenous Plague from spreading their infection? Watch and find out. Enjoy!!!!! Read More...
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Team Building Exercise: Episode 7 - The Plague
Wednesday, 01/25/17 - In this Episode, Coach from Familyofgamers777, Jack and Rob from Deadzone the Podcast discuss all things Plague. Each makes a list and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. A favorite of the boys. Get ready for some DEADZONE goodness. Read More...
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