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Nessie Knows
Your host Nestor Medina brings you closer to the games that spark his interest. From Infinity, Malifaux, and Dark Age to Board Games like Ninja All Stars, Super Dungeon Explore and other board games as well. He wont go it alone as he will be sure to bring others on the journey who show interest in the games as well....because there is one thing he is certain of....Nessie Knows an adventure is best shared with others.
The Data Conclave - Episode 9: The Pulse of PanOceania
This episode will be focused on Panoceania. The Hyperpower of The Human Sphere.

Here's tonight's agenda, so you all can follow along and plan your comments and questions!
Intro (who are PanOceania)
Key characters
Each of our favorites within the faction
Nessie Knows Guild Ball? - Mason's Guild - The Blisters
Wednesday, 06/29/16 - As I showed from the Starter Set video. I had the rest of the team waiting to be built. These are the single blisters that are currently available. Read More...
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Nessie Knows Guild Ball? - Mason's Guild Starter Set
Wednesday, 06/29/16 - So I wanted to show my Mason's Guild starter set built and based. Also wanted to show what I have left in the team and will hopefully show them off when they are done. Read More...
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Nessie Knows Guild Ball?
Wednesday, 06/22/16 - Been reading a lot of Guild Ball posts and seeing some awesome painted models. That and my friends trying to get me out of a funk. Just wanted to try and playing more games of Guild Ball. I will be working on the Masons Guild this week and hopefully start playing more games to get a better handle on the rules. Read More...
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The Data Conclave - Episode 8: Return of the Warcors
Monday, 05/16/16 - With all three hosts back in full glory they discuss the latest releases of Corvus Belli, Gen Con announcement, Panoceania Fluff, and Human Sphere N3 Hacking discussion. Read More...
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Guild Ball - What's in the package?
Tuesday, 05/03/16 - So wanted to show what you get in the Season 2 Plot Cards and Tokens set from Steamforged Games for Guild Ball. This should be the first of many Guild Ball videos. Read More...
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The Data Conclave - Episode 7: The Night Shift
Monday, 04/25/16 - Welcome to the latest episode of WGC Infinity's live webshow The Data Conclave where your hosts, Dave Serrano, Nestor Medina and Tim Toolen discuss all things Infinity. Read More...
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The Data Conclave - Episode 6: Anyone else tired?
Monday, 04/11/16 - The entire crew is back. We talk about post Adepitcon blues, The NY Thruway Throwdown this weekend and some stuff from HSN3. Read More...
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The Data Conclave - Adepticon 2016 Infinity Seminar (alternate view)
Wednesday, 04/06/16 - Hey guys, Nessie here. While I worked on the live stream at Adepticon 2016 during the Infinity Seminar. I had a HD Cam recording the seminar from another view. You will get to see Carlos and Tom during the seminar as they talk about whats coming up for Infinity the Game. Read More...
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The Data Conclave - Episode 5: Adepticon 2016 Review
Sunday, 04/03/16 - Whats up guys join Tim, myself and Joel from WGC Infinity to talk about Adepticon 2016 which ends today. Read More...
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Adepticon 2016 - Infinity Seminar
Saturday, 04/02/16 - Welcome to the Infinity Seminar 2016. Featuring Carlos and Tom SHAL DEZ. Read More...
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