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Metahead Mini's
Metalhead Minis Commissioned Miniature Painting and Consignment was established in July of 2009. Over the years, what started out as one person just painting miniatures has become a full-fledged painting service for other companies and clients all over the world! Services include:
UNBOXING: Tablewars Macromat Kickstarter Came In!
In this video, I do an unboxing, answer questions, I also show how to set up and break down the product. Very excited to start using this and it is VERY easy set-up and break down, also great for travel.

***clarification info*** The rods that go on top are 15 inches each. The silver extender, extends the rods to 30 inches. To put it simply, one 15 inch rod, placed on top w/ 2 clips to hold up a background from top to bottom (portrait), is good for a single figure/smaller item. The 2 rods together (30 inches) with 4 clips and the background hung long-ways (landscape) is good for larger figures/models and armies.

If you are also curious about the Tablewar cases, we did a product demo/ review video here on this channel: https://youtu.be/T4Z6jbDT5kc

Tablewar Designs Website: http://www.tablewar.com/

Macromats kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/819121569/macromat-miniature-photo-backdrops

Follow Tablewar on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/TABLEWAR/?fref=ts

This video was done via Facebook live as I was too excited to wait and show everyone the Macromats! Also exciting that the kickstarter delivery was ahead of schedule!
Metalhead Minis: At Adepticon 2017!!
Wednesday, 03/29/17 - Special thanks to everyone who participated in the video and made Adepticon a good time! Read More...
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Metalhead Minis- All-Con Dallas, Tour Around & Interviews with Charities & Vendors!
Tuesday, 03/21/17 - Met some great people and wanted to share with you some awesome vendors and charity organizations! Read More...
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Metalhead Minis: Talking with Vader's Fist 501st Legion at All-Con Dallas 2017!
Saturday, 03/18/17 - On Thursday at All Con Dallas, in Addison, Texas, Lyn, of Metalhead Minis had the privilege of speaking with a few of the members from the 501st! Read More...
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Metalhead Minis: Unboxing- Games Workshop, Triumvirate of the Primarch!
Monday, 03/13/17 - Picked up the Games Workshop Triumvirate of the Primarch box set on the day of release. Once I had a moment to sit down, I made sure of course to share the unboxing experience with you guys. Read More...
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Metalhead Minis: Assembling Games Workshop's Slambo!
Thursday, 03/09/17 - Here is a vlog about assembling the reboot edition of Slambo, which includes a couple of tips and tricks about miniature preparation and assembly. Enjoy! Read More...
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Metalhead Minis- Quick Games Workshop, Warhammer, Slambo Unboxing!
Tuesday, 02/28/17 - Today we went to Texas Toy Soldier in Carrollton, Texas to show Alexia the store and while we were there, I picked up Slambo. I was excited and wanted to share with you guys by doing an unboxing! Read More...
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Metalhead Minis: Airbrush Cleaning Tips and Tricks!
Thursday, 02/16/17 - Earlier today, Brandon decided to do a live stream about airbrush cleaning while he was cleaning our 2 Badger Patriot 105s. Read More...
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Metalhead Minis w/ Video Clips from The Las Vegas Open 2017!
Wednesday, 02/08/17 - Lyn from Metalhead Minis taught miniature painting classes and takes a few mins here and there to show you around the event as well as a little bit of the Las Vegas strip! Read More...
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Metalhead Minis: Quick And Dirty Metal- Featuring Ironwind Metals Grills and Grates!
Saturday, 01/21/17 - This week on social media, I posted WIPs of the grills and grates that I have painted for Ironwind Metals. People asked us about how the metal was painted. Read More...
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Happy New Year! Current New Metalhead Minis Setup!
Saturday, 01/07/17 - Here is a video showing the current new setup. There is still more to finish, but hobbyists always talk about work areas and ask about ours. Read More...
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