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Minigirl creates mini gaming tutorials and enjoys putting mini's together, as well as the art of painting & basing them. She also love the challenge of playing the game
miniGIRL #40: How to Prime Miniatures with Magnets - Basics for Beginners
For beginners who do not have an airbrush. Use short bursts of sprays. See how hobbyGUY primes miniatures with magnets. Simple and easy method for priming many miniatures at once. HOT TIP: Prime in warmer weather. Prime outdoors if possible. If it's cold outside, go into the garage, but make sure its ventilated. Try using color primers which act as a primer and base coat, get so much more done!

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miniGIRL #44: How to Make ANY Miniature Base or Terrain! Sci-Fi, Ruins, Rocky, Texture
Thursday, 04/03/14 - Add to any miniature base, building, game table, terrain, transport, diorama, etc. in mini gaming. For beginners to advanced. Read More...
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hobbyGUY #16: How to Rust Miniatures, Transport, Terrain, Bases - Tutorial
Monday, 12/23/13 - miniGIRL shares the spotlight with hobbyGUY in this episode and hands the torch over to him for this video (she can get more done now with some help!). Read More...
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miniGIRL #42: How to Prime Pinned Miniatures - HOT TIP #6
Sunday, 12/15/13 - The answer to those asking how to prime miniatures that are pinned. For beginners who do not have an airbrush. Use short bursts of sprays. Read More...
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miniGIRL #41: How to Paint a Face on Miniature - Easy Tutorial
Monday, 12/02/13 - For beginners to intermediate. A simple and easy to follow tutorial on how to paint a face. hobbyGUY shows his style in this video. Read More...
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miniGIRL #39: How to Dry Brush - Tutorial for Beginners - Basics
Thursday, 11/07/13 - Basics for the beginners! This is to help newbies understand the painting process and how to include dry brushing. Simple intro to dry brushing. There are many ways to paint. Read More...
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