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WGC Podcast
A podcast about the wargaming hobby from Warhammer 40k to Warmachine to Malifaux. Mostly about information to better yourself in the game as well as the painting and model building aspects of the hobby.
Episode 4: The Game of Warhammer Fantasy
Tuesday, 02/18/14 - Chung and Filip talks about the game of Warhammer Fantasy, the differences between fantasy and 40k as well as how and why you may want to get into this awesome fun game. Listen...
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Episode 3: State of the WGC Address 2013
Friday, 08/30/13 - Sit down with Chung and find out all about the WGC and how it started and where it's going as well as some cool things coming up the pipeline. He also rants a little about what gets his goat about know-it-alls. Listen...
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Episode 2: Creating a Wargame on the Fly
Sunday, 06/09/13 - Chung and Jay sits down and takes on a challenge from a live show viewer about creating a wargame system from concept to mechanics to minitiature production, to marketing and distribution. All on the fly so it's all conceptional hersay. Listen...
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Episode 1: The Hobby We Love
Thursday, 05/16/13 - Chung and Jay sits down and talks about the wargaming hobby we love and why we love it and the bottom line is it's about the people and the community... the wargamers. Listen...
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