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Getting Started with Yu Jing in Infinity
September 30, 2015 by MiniatureTim
I really wanted to title this article "So You Want to Play Yu Jing"…but that really only makes sense when Goofy says it in old-school Disney cartoons. Oh well.

Recently (yesterday, really), I was asked if I could help out with suggestions on how to start Yu Jing as a faction in Infinity The Game. The soon-to-be addict, er, player I mean, is a long time veteran of tabletop war games, but is new to Infinity. Since I absolutely love Yu Jing, I was more than happy to do it!

This isn't a how-to-play Yu Jing article, though that's a thought for the future, this is more a "How I would start the faction" article, What models I would buy, and why.

Originally, I wrote out a list that was roughly thought out but decently organized. However, a priority listing was requested, and I completely agree with the need for it. There is so much to buy within Yu Jing that unless you have endless pockets, a priority list is very helpful.

Now, here's the rub folks: This is not some written-in-stone law of how you should start the faction. Just like my "A Matter of Opinion" articles, this is purely my opinion after playing the faction for over a year now, casually and in about a dozen tournaments. This is also written purely for use as a general faction list, and not the sectorials within Yu Jing. That's another article altogether, as well as a completely differently priority list.

I'm also going to include links (text only, otherwise that's a lot of links folks) to Miniature Market's website for each model/box. You don't have to buy from them, and I'd actually recommend supporting your local FLGS first. I just wanted to put these in so that there isn't any confusion on what the model is for anyone new to the faction or game.

On with the show! Here are the Boxes/Blisters I would buy to start with, in Purchase-Priority

1 YJ Imperial Service Starter

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/hwUnYX

  • This one will give you 3 Celestial Guard (You can only run 2 in Vanilla anyway so you're good with this. As they can be a hacker or an LT, OR a Kuang Shi Controller since they are armed with Combi Rifles, you're good. You really don't even need the Celestial Guard SWC Box then.), a Wu Ming (Heavy Infantry that can be proxied as a Zuyong), a Hsien (Heavy Infantry with an MSV Visor. Expensive in cost, and I've never used him, but he's popular. Worst case, proxy him as another Zuyong), and a Pheasant Rank (Your ONLY Chain of Command model in Vanilla)
  • I removed the Vanilla YJ starter from my priority list entirely because you really only need it for a few models, and you can buy those in blisters for cheaper.
  • Ultimately, you'll get a lot of bang for your buck with this box.

2 JSA Starter

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/glNuhz

  • Comes with an Oniwaban Super ninja, which has TO Camo and superior infiltration. and 3 general Keisotsu line infantry. Not as good as the Zhanshi but more points efficient as they are cheap. Also a solid start if you want to branch out to a JSA army which is where I really only use the Domaru and Kempeitai.

3 Blister of 3 Zhanshi

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/vMdnDF

  • Line infantry that have slightly better stats than the Keisotsu. Very handy as generic specialists and order-cheerleaders

4 Guilang Skirmishers

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/TrqCSO, http://goo.gl/UXWl0U

  • Amazing troop that can be a couple different specialists. Has camo and infiltration and an MSV 1 Visor to see through camo. I run at least one, sometimes two.
  • Personally, I would buy both models, the Combi Rifle version AND the Sniper…but clip the barrel to shorten the sniper rifle, and use this as another combi rifle version. I frequently run two in lists.

5 Rui Shi / Lu Duan Remotes Box

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/eFmu6R

  • These are the two main stay combat remotes AND the Rui Shi has an MSV 2 visor to see through Camo, ODD, TO Camo and Smoke! The Lu Duan has an MSV1 visor like the Guilang. Supportware is the Rui Shi's friend.

6 Zuyong HMG

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/Wckqju

  • Because it's an awesome model, points efficient and brutal. Can also be an LT with the HMG.

7 Hac Tao HMG

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/5gwZXA

  • This is the newest Hac Tao model. Expensive in points, but totally worth it.

8 Sun Tze

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/mVVRqp

  • Whether you use him as who he actually is, or just as a Zuyong Proxy, buy him.

9 Shang Ji

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/UjMvcD

  • I actually like using him as a Heavy Infantry Hacker with his great armor AND BTS score. Great WIP for a YJ Hacker too. If nothing else, he can be proxied as a Zuyong as well.

10 Yan Huo with Missile Launchers & HMC

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/xV3CpA, http://goo.gl/aESNG6

  • Both of the Yan Huo options because they are Heavy Infantry beasts with TAG weaponry.

11 Gui Feng Spec ops

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/sOKefP

  • Standard spec ops, can be proxied for anything as well, including the new Zhanying Agents that don't have an actual model yet.

12 JSA Support Pack

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/lK1Mj9

  • Doctor, Engineer and two support bots. Mainstays and points efficient for what they do. I like them better than the generic Mech-Engineer and Doctor box.

13 Karakuri Box

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/qVqYCl

  • Geisha AI Robot Heavy Infantry with a flipping Swiss Army Knife of weapons on them. AND THEY ARE SPECIALISTS!!! Careful though, they blow up when they die.

14 Raiden Seibutai with Heavy Rocket Launcher

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/7F6Zev

  • Easily THE MOST cost-efficient heavy weapon wielding SOB in YJ. He really should be higher in my priority list with how much I use him, but oh well.

15 Su Jian

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/v5KEjK

  • It's a friggin heavy infantry transformer with two heavy weapons that can scale buildings. What's not to love? Okay, well, maybe the assembly of the actual model is a pain, but other than that, I love it.

16 Yaokong Remotes Box

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/OpA7Zh

  • Two remotes that you can kit out one of 4 ways as the standard remotes for the force. If you want 1 of each kind of remote, you'll have to buy two boxes, but I recommend starting with just one box and experimenting from there.

17 Tiger Soldiers

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/MhWntg, http://goo.gl/RT1VXU

  • Some of the Best Combat Jump troops in the game for their points and equipment. Buy only the NEW models. There is a Boarding Shotgun version and a Spitfire version.
  • They are lower in priority for me, but only because I like using the big, stompy heavy infantry. I've got to start using these guys more.

18 Aragato Bikers

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/AKrkuQ

  • Crazy street bikers from YJ. they have Mimetism which makes the harder to hit, and are great for their cost. While they are Impetuous, they are only normal Impetuous, so you can cancel it without penalty if you choose.

19 Asuka and Aragato Hacker box

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/E63pTv

  • Because Asuka is a badass on a bike and the hacker is a great objective grabber.
  • in Vanilla, AVA for the Aragato is 2 though, so I wouldn't buy more than these two boxes. You can run two + Asuka, but you can't run more unless you go into JSA.

20 Kuang Shi

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/VtsVI1

  • SUPER CHEAP regular troops, but you have to take the controller Celestial Guard profile to take them. 4 per controller. (You can use a generic Celestial Guard as the controller. you don't HAVE to use the one from the SWC box)
  • They are extreme impetuous though, so you have to plan where they are going during deployment

21 Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/D59dYa

  • The Super, Super Ninja
  • No Seriously. And she also comes with Smoke Grenades!

22 Crane Rank Imperial Agent

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/V308Y0

  • Killer model, great LT for the force with a bunch of special equipment and skills. Also a fun Hacker. Just be careful as he's points-expensive.

23 Ninja

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/yIdb61

  • Consider this a future purchase. There is a cost-efficient Tactical Bow version, and a hacker as well. However, in the near future they will get a special hacking device to kill other hackers with.

24 Dao Fei

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/n0y1Hv, http://goo.gl/4Ifjev

  • Heavy Infantry, TO Infiltrator than can be a hacker too. He also has an HMG version as well that can be brutal.
  • I have caught flak from placing him so low on my priority list before, and have honestly never played one. However, I've played against them and used well, they are great. They are very points-heavy though, and I tend to try and be more points-efficient, depending. I would take the Hacker version of a Dao Fei before I take the hacker version of a Hac Tao though.

25 Shaolin Monks box

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/mNC95O

  • Irregular, extremely impetuous troops (which means they are selfish with their own orders, and in order to cancel the impetuous, you have to spend a regular order because they are extreme), but solid sources for SUPER CHEAP smoke shenanigans.
  • The ONLY reason I have them so low is because they are older models, and I've not used them yet. I want to try them though.

26 Celestial Guard SWC Box

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/lQZjAg

  • It gives you the Hacker CG model which is the most important I think. If you want SUPER CHEAP throw-away troops, this also gives you the CG with Kuang Shi controller device.
  • The only reason they are so very low on this list is because in Vanilla YJ, you can only take up to 2, and you get three normal ones in the ISS Starter that was the #1 pick. Only buy these if you really want the actual Hacker model and the actual Kuang Shi Controller model. I've used the Spitfire version once, and never the sniper.

27 Pangguling Remotes box

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/L4udvQ

  • These are your EVO Repeater bot (though soon to become a hacker in it's own right), Combi Rifle bot, and just all around cheap bots. Useful, but lower in priority for me. Mind you, that priority will change drastically once the EVO bot becomes a hacker!

28 Bao Troops Box

Miniature Market Link: http://goo.gl/fFfOzq

  • MSV2 visor troops. They are the only standard infantry with MSV2, they can be pricy, and I tend to not take them in favor of a Zuyong Specialist instead.

There you have it folks! Please keep in mind this is purely my opinion from start to finish. Is it wrong in any way? Nope. Can there be other different though entirely viable opinions? Yup. In fact, if you have a different opinion, or I missed your favorite Yu Jing model completely, or you have a question as to why I prioritized as I did, let me know in the comments!

Another great place to buy infinity is at Monkey Sword Games. Check them out at: http://monkeyswordgames.com/

For more Infinity the Game discussions, join the WGC Infinity group over at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WGCInfinity/
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