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Episode 13: WGC Malfiaux, Skirmish Supremacy and The Flash
July 15, 2016 by DreamKnight
We're back for season 3! Well, we kinda consider it season 3! Join Chung and Nestor on this new episode where we talk about the new WGC Malifaux group and we sit down with Tim from Skirmish Supremacy to chat a bit about Skirmish Games. Nestor and I also throw up our feet to talk about the Flash TV Show and comic geekniess in general!

WGC Malifaux: http://malifaux.wgconsortium.com

Skirmish Supremacy: https://www.facebook.com/SkirmishSupremacy/
About the Author
Chung runs the Wargamers Consortium and has been painting and playing wargames for more of his life. He loves to get into different types of wargames and spends most of his time making videos for others to learn and enjoy.
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