Metalhead Minis Tutorial: Watercolor Look Bases Using inks!

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Episode 14: Deadzone, Don't Get Discouraged and Playing Raspy
August 22, 2016 by DreamKnight
In this episode we talk with the Coach about Deadzone, Lyn Stahl about getting discouraged from painting and Chris about playing Raspy in Malifaux.

The Coaches Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/familyofgamers777

Lyn Stahl Metal Head Mini's: http://www.metalheadminis.com/

WGC Malifaux: http://malifaux.wgconsortium.com
About the Author
Chung runs the Wargamers Consortium and has been painting and playing wargames for more of his life. He loves to get into different types of wargames and spends most of his time making videos for others to learn and enjoy.
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