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Welcome to Ichiban Studio, the world of Hugo M. This is where Modeling! Painting and Airbrushing take the stage!
Ichiban Studios' Studio Proline Brushes Kickstarter is Live!
There's kickstarters that meh me and there's kickstarters than excite me. This one is one of the latter. To be honest, I wasn't sure about them. Games and Gears have had their problems before with their other line of brushes (which they fixed) but after using these guys after a few week, I'm LOVING them.

The housing is nice. It's thicker than a regular brush handle which is great for my big gorilla hands. The handle itself doubles as a brush cover to protect your tip. Great for traveling and the point keeps intact.

Check out the kickstarter for yourself!!

Ichiban Studio Pro Line Brushes: http://kck.st/1mH1wSo
Forge World Ultramarine Praetor Showcase
Tuesday, 12/09/14 - Forge World Ultramarine Praetor Showcase
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Death Guard Sicaran Battle Tank ShowCase
Saturday, 12/06/14 - Death Guard Sicaran Battle Tank ShowCase. Painted for a big death Guard Army commission Read More...
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FigOne Ork bust Showcase
Saturday, 11/15/14 - Show Case of FigOne Ork Bust. Painted to a high Display level Read More...
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Morbidex Twiceborn Champion of Nurgle Showcase
Saturday, 11/15/14 - Morbidex Twiceborn Champion of Nurgle Showcase. Painted to a table top level Read More...
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Freehand brush demo 100k stretch goal
Tuesday, 05/13/14 - Ok last I promises! Announcement for the Kickstarter Read More...
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KickStarter update (3 days left)
Monday, 05/12/14 - Hey guys only 3 days left! If you can spread the work it would be fantastic! Read More...
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My painting cave Ichiban Studio Edition
Thursday, 05/08/14 - Showing off my hobby cave!
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How to quickly paint old leather
Thursday, 05/01/14 - Here is a little video on how I quickly paint old leather. Read More...
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G&G Ichiban Studio brush Kickstarter is live
Friday, 04/25/14 - Finally I know some of you have been waiting! Its here the G&G Ichiban Studio Pro Line Brushe kickstarter is live! Read More...
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Games and Gears Battle Boards REVIEW
Saturday, 12/14/13 - Here we have a review of the New Games and Gears Battle boards that are available on kickstarter from November to December 24th 2013. Read More...
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