Warhammer 40k Noob Battle Report #1 Tyranids vs RavenGuard

Ichiban Studios
Welcome to Ichiban Studio, the world of Hugo M. This is where Modeling! Painting and Airbrushing take the stage!
G&G Ichiban Studio brush Kickstarter is live
Finally I know some of you have been waiting! Its here the G&G Ichiban Studio Pro Line Brushe kickstarter is live!

Link Here
Forge World Ultramarine Praetor Showcase
Tuesday, 12/09/14 - Forge World Ultramarine Praetor Showcase
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Death Guard Sicaran Battle Tank ShowCase
Saturday, 12/06/14 - Death Guard Sicaran Battle Tank ShowCase. Painted for a big death Guard Army commission Read More...
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FigOne Ork bust Showcase
Saturday, 11/15/14 - Show Case of FigOne Ork Bust. Painted to a high Display level Read More...
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Morbidex Twiceborn Champion of Nurgle Showcase
Saturday, 11/15/14 - Morbidex Twiceborn Champion of Nurgle Showcase. Painted to a table top level Read More...
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Freehand brush demo 100k stretch goal
Tuesday, 05/13/14 - Ok last I promises! Announcement for the Kickstarter Read More...
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KickStarter update (3 days left)
Monday, 05/12/14 - Hey guys only 3 days left! If you can spread the work it would be fantastic! Read More...
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My painting cave Ichiban Studio Edition
Thursday, 05/08/14 - Showing off my hobby cave!
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How to quickly paint old leather
Thursday, 05/01/14 - Here is a little video on how I quickly paint old leather. Read More...
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Ichiban Studios' Studio Proline Brushes Kickstarter is Live!
Friday, 04/25/14 - The Studio Pro line brushes kickstart is live! You have to check these babies out. I am LOVING them! Read More...
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Games and Gears Battle Boards REVIEW
Saturday, 12/14/13 - Here we have a review of the New Games and Gears Battle boards that are available on kickstarter from November to December 24th 2013. Read More...
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